Oman Passport, Visa Photos

Oman Passport, Visa Photos requirements:
Blue Background.

Oman Passport Photo specifications:

◾You will need to have 3 identical photos when you submit your application.
◾The photos for your passport must be 40 mm x 60 mm and in color.
◾You need to be facing the camera directly, with your eyes open.
◾The exception to this rule is that infants can have their eyes closed for their photos.

Oman Visa Photo specifications:

The dimensions of your visa photos must be 51 mm x 51 mm.
◾You will need to submit 2 identical images where your face takes up anywhere between 60 percent and 70 percent of the photograph (or measures 1” x 1 3/8” from your chin to your head).
◾It needs to be a close-up of the top of your shoulders to the crown of your head.
◾Your entire face must be clearly visible in the picture, displaying both sides of your face equally as the photo needs to be taken straight-on.
◾The background of the image needs to be in white otherwise it will not be accepted.
◾There should also not be any pattern or busy backgrounds for the photos as well as there should be no shadows in the background.
◾There should be no evidence of a person or an object in the background as well, even if someone needs to support a child for their photo.
◾If a child cannot support themselves, there can be no evidence of that in the picture.

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