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Japan Passport / Visa Photos

Japan_passport_photo_sizeCall for an appointment 480.862.9002

Looking for high quality and affordable passport or visa photos? You’ve come to the right place! As a professional photography business we provide customers with the best digital photographic and printing equipment.

Passport Photos and Visa Photos are ready in about 15 minutes

 Open 7 days a week by appointment only. Passport photos or visa photos will be ready at the time of appointment.
Williams Passport Photos location is in Phoenix, AZ.

For more information, please visit the Japan Passport and Visa web site

Please bring an example or a set of specifications for your requirements.

Japanese Passport Photo Requirements listed below:japanese passport photo

  • The overall size of a Japanese passport photo is 45 x 35 mm
  • The distance from chin to the top of the head is 32-36 mm
  • The distance from the top of the head to the top of the photo is 2 to 6 mm
  • The image should be in the middle of the passport photo
  • A white or off white background is suitable for Japanese passport photos

Japanese Visa Photo Requirements listed below:japan visa picture

  • Japanese visa photos specify 45 x 45 mm
  • A white background is required
  • The subject is not allowed to show teeth and the facial expression should be neutral
  • Up to three identical photos are required
  • The visa photos must have been taken within 6 months of the application

Japanese Alien Registration Requirements:
2 identical photos required 45 x 35 mm in size. Similar to standard EU and UK passport requirements

Japanese Visa Certificate of Eligibility Requirements:
2 identical photos required is 40 x 30 mm

Visa Photo Requirements:
2 45 x 45 mm passport-type photos taken within the previous six months (stateless persons must submit 3 photos)

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