Malaysia Passport / Visa Photos

Call for an appointment 480.862.9002
Passport Photos and Visa Photos are ready in about 15 minutes

 Open 7 days a week by appointment only. Passport photos or visa photos will be ready at the time of appointment.
Williams Passport Photos location is in Phoenix, AZ.
Passport and Visa photos must conform to the internationally agreed Bio metric Standard for passports.
Please bring an example or a set of specifications for your requirements.

Malaysian Passport Photo Requirements listed below: 

  • Front View
  • Face appearance must be 1-1/2 in big, excluding shoulder length.
  • Light Blue background (preferred).
  • Passport photograph size 3.5 x 5 cm
  • No home printed photographs, blurry photographs,
    dark background color photographs accepted and please wear proper attire (no sleeveless or t-shirts)
  • Please use professional photographing services.
    (Do not use instant photo kiosk.)

The Consulate will not be responsible for the delay of your application process if photograph requirements are not met.

  • A light blue background is specified for passport photos
  • Polaroid instant photos are unacceptable for Malaysian passport applications
  • Three quarter profiles are not allowed
  • The subject must look straight into the camera
  • The passport photo must show the eyes clearly
  • There must be no hair over the face

Malaysian Visa Photo Requirements listed below: 

  • 2  (50×50 mm), identical photos are required for visa applications
  • Size shape and specifications is the same as US Visa applications
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