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China Passport/ Visa photos

Call or text for appointment : 480.862.9002

Open 7 days a week by appointment only. Passport or visa photo will be ready at the time of appointment. only one location in Phoenix, AZ.

For more information, please visit the Chinese Passport and Visa web site






四、照片应为小二寸(48 mm×33 mm):头部宽度为21 mm~24 mm,头部长度为28 mm~33 mm。头部过大或过小均会影响制作质量。


Chinese Passport Photo Requirements listed below:
“여권 사진”
Must be 48 x 33 mm
Head height is between 28-33 mm
Head width is between 21-24 mm
A white or light blue background
Please bring an example or a set of specifications for your requirements.
Standard travel document passport photos   passports, photographs, scanned directly printed on the passport, and therefore require a higher photo quality. Passport photos must meet the following requirements:

1- the photo must be a recent (6 months), the head front, no hat photos.
2- the photo background should be plain, the background color to be light blue or white for the better (preferably white). Do not use red, brown, black and other dark.
3- in addition to the requirements of the application form photos, please do not use staples or paper clips clip photos, photos in order to avoid damage.
4- should be a small two-inch photos (48×33 mm): head width of 21~24 mm, head length is 28~33 mm. The head is too large or too small will affect the quality of the product.

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