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Slovenian Passport & Visa photos



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Photography requirements for SLOVENIAN passport: 2 pictures

  • One photography is required.
  • Size of the photography: 3.5 x 4.5 cm
  • The face should occupy no more than 70% of the photography.
  • On all 4 sides of the photography should be 3-5 mm of empty space from head to the edge.
  • Photography may be black-and-white or color.
  • Background color should be light brown or light blue, definitely not white or dark blue, ideally neutrally gray. For blond people use slightly darker gray background.
  • For dark colored people use lighter gray background. Background should have no shades or patterns.
  • Photography colors should be neutral and should clearly show natural skin tone.
  • Photography should be printed on high-quality paper at a minimum of 600dpi.
  • Cut the photography with square corners.
  • The person should not show their teeth.
  • Head should be straight, not at an angle or sideways, with nose in the center of the photography.
  • The expression on the on the face should be neutral, lips closed, with look/in the camera.
  • Sharpness and contrast are important; no read eyes.
  • The face should be equally bright with no shades.
  • For people wearing glasses… the frame should not cover their eyes and there should be no visible reflection on glasses.
  • For kids… no parent’s hands or toys.
  • For blond and white haired people… best to take a black and white picture.

Visa Photo Requirements
1 recent passport-size (35–45 mm) photographs (see Photograph Guidelines document). Please write your name on the back of each photo. DO NOT STAPLE the photos to your application form . See: http://www.luxembourg-usa.org/Photograph-Guidelines.pdf.
Slovenia is a member of the European Union, the Eurozone, the Schengen area,

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