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Spain Passport Photos & Visa Photos

Open 7 days a week by appointment only. Passport photos or visa photos will be ready at the time of appointment.
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Passport and Visa photos must conform to the internationally agreed Bio-metric Standard for passports.

Passport Photo Requirements
The new type of passport is essential that the photograph meets a series of requirements scrupulously, and that the photograph not only is Printed on the passport for identification of the person, but is used as a water mark on the area data to prevent counterfeiting. Therefore, you can not accept a picture that does not meet the following requirements: Must be card-size, color and light background (preferably white) smooth and uniform, taken from the front, without dark glasses or any other garment that prevents or hinders the identification of the person.

Photographs are not printed on plain paper with a color printer, as in this case, the scan, there are points of printing, so that the resulting photograph printed on the passport is very poor.

Centimeters: 4 cm long, wide 3 cm
Inches: Over 1-5/8″, width 1-1/4″

Deberá ser de tamaño carnet, en color y con fondo claro, (preferentemente blanco) liso y uniforme, tomada de frente, sin gafas oscuras ni cualquier otra prenda que impida o dificulte la identificación de la persona. En la fotografía, la cara ocupará al menos un 70 por ciento, contado desde el inicio de la barbilla hasta el final de la cabeza. In the photograph, the face will occupy at least 70 percent, counted from the start of the chin until the end of the head.

No se admitirán fotografías impresas sobre papel normal con una impresora en color, ya que en este caso, al escanearlas, se aprecian los puntos de impresión, de forma que la fotografía resultante impresa en el pasaporte queda de muy baja calidad.

Centímetros: largo 4 cm, ancho 3 cm
Pulgadas: largo 1.5/8″, ancho 1.1/4″

Spain Passport Photo Requirements
Two identical photos are required for Spanish passport applications
•The photo size is specified at 30 mm x 40 mm
•The head must occupy 70% of the passport photo
White backgrounds are specified for Spanish Passport photos

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